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Manifesting Prosperity

July 18, 2016

  Welcome to you all who have taken the time to view my new website and Blog. I am truly Grateful to Hannah Mc Chesney and Franny Wethington for helping me create this beautiful site. Just an example of manifesting prosperity when all we have to do is ask for help.  I recently had an opportunity to travel to Uvita, Costa Rica for a yoga retreat with 26 women. Some I knew and some I had never meet before. Before leaving I really wanted to see a sloth.  I put out in the Universe " I am manifesting a sloth ".

 Everyday I would walk in the jungle looking high into the canopy looking for the famous sloth. However, sloths are very hard to spot with the naked eye and rarely come down to the ground. I kept looking. About three days into our retreat I concluded that it was just not meant to be. So, I gave up the search. by giving up the search I noticed so many other creatures and flora and fauna of the jungle and was able to listen deeply to the sounds and sensations of the jungle.

Two days later we had a day of silence. It was pouring rain and I walked in the rain all day soaking up the beauty around me, completely and totally alone. I came back to our gathering place where we had a craft table and started to draw with some of the other women. I looked up and out of the corner of my eye I saw a man with a stick with what I thought was a monkey. I did a double take and there she was--Rosita the sloth! Tears began to flow and many photos were taken. Remember, no one could talk....Shhhh. Even our retreat staff honored this day of silence. This precious jewel from the forrest had been rescued by the owners of the property where they found her almost drowned in the stream. They nurtured her back to health. The staff at the retreat got wind that some of us would love to see a sloth and there she was!! 

What a blessing and gift we all got to witness this creature who was so lovingly cared for show up for us on this day of silence. Her sweet smile and tender touch melted me. So, what does this have to do with manifesting prosperity? I believe that when I open my heart to the possibilities of the spoken word that this vibration echoes out into the Universe and God listens. The point is that doesn't matter if my request come to fruition or not. What matters is that my heart and soul are pure. Not only did I get to be witness to this but so did so many others. Sat Nat and Blessings of Prosperity to you all.

 Love and Light , Janice Harimandir Kaur Samuelson





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