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Open to the Possibilites

August 22, 2016

 As I continue to follow my yogic path I am always amazed how like is unfolding right in front of my eyes when I open to the possibilities.

  Having had a discussion about fear this morning and how fear can hold me back from doing just about anything I realized that all I have to do is to say yes and walk through it. Walking through has brought me to place that I never could have dreamt of being.

  I recently returned from a yoga retreat to Cost Rica where I got to experience this fear in action. 

  I have a terrible fear of horses and was invited by several other the yoga participants to go on a trail ride up a mountain in the rain forrest on horseback and at the end of the ride there would be this amazing waterfall. My first response was , NO WAY!!! Now, in my heart i knew it would be awesome and a once in a life time experience and remembered what my dear teacher would say, " There will be cookies at the end of the practice." Well, need less to say there never were any "real: cookies. The "cookies" was the experience I got to have by walking through the fear.

 So, I said yes let's go!

 Not only did those horses scare me to death ,when I arrived and got on the horse I freaked out!! But! I kept thinking about "the cookies." At that time our gentle sweet trail ride guide  David took the reins of my horse and guided me and my horse up the mountain talking to me to help get my mind off of my fear.

 Halfway through our journey we stopped at his family home where his mother and sisters were preparing breakfast and lunch. I cried all the way through breakfast at our table with relief that I had made it that far. My friends were nothing but kind and supportive.

 Okay, back in the saddle we go to continue our journey.

 Sure enough at the end of the trail there it was the most magnificent waterfall you have ever seen!! It was breath taking.

 I was truly Grateful!. Then we walked a bit to yet another waterfall that was just a awesome. The power of this great sight and the force of Nature brought me once again to tears. What I would have missed if I had let fear get in the way.

  What goes up must come down. Back on the horses we go! 

 Halfway down we stopped once again at Davis family home where I ate lunch prepared by the women in home . All on a wood burning stove. Unbelievable aand so good! 

 I asked to see the kitchen where the food had been prepared on a wood burning stove for 20 people! Then the next treat came , I got to miss his mother . What a Blessing! she was so welcoming and told that I must return.

  Back on the horse and back to where we began.

I was so Grateful to have had that experience and for the people and the Earth along the way.

 Being open to the possibilities and saying yes offered me much more than "cookies" But an experience that was Divinely planned. 

  Say yes to life and walk through the fear. The rewards are never anything you might expect!

  Sat Nam and Many Blessings,


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