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Trusting your Intuition

April 22, 2017

  You know that little voice inside of you that ALWAYS tells you the truth and teaches you how to trust that Truth? Yes! your intuition!  

  Listening deeply to that voice and trusting what that voice tells me has been and still is an ever growing process.

 There are many lies that we can tell ourselves, we are  not good enough, they are smarter , I can't and so on.

 These lies can  be engrained into our psyche to the point that we believe them  so much that they rob us form showing up in life and actually experiencing our full potential. 

 So what does this have to do with yoga? Practicing asana ( physical practice), Pranayama, (Breath) and Meditation help us to bring awareness around to what is blocking us from experiencing our Truth. Asana opens our physical body to sensation and memory that is stored in our tissues. Pranayama brings life force to stimulate our radiance and meditation helps us to listen deeply. This is all in a nut shell of course!

    Move,Breathe,Meditate and Trust! There is a life force within in you and around you that will always support your willingness and effort so that you may grow into and believe your full potential!

 Sat nam and Many Blessings!



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