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August 9, 2017

 I used to place limits on myself for those things and experiences that were "out of reach". Negative self talk like: I am not smart enough, what if, I will fail etc.... Ever had those thoughts and know they are not true but the fear of stepping out in the unknown was more frightening and that actually staying in the fear? Or at least I thought they were!

  So for those of you who know may say to yourself: No way! Janice doesn't think like that! Well, I am putting it out here to say that my humanity shows up in all kinds of wrapped up pretty packages. and for those of you who have the packages sitting around just waiting for something to change i am here to say that it will not change until you cut the ribbon and allow the Spirit of the Universe to unwrap you!

  I have been on a journey of self discovery my entire life and the last 14 years of it has been the most unraveling of them all. It has brought me to a place of humility, Joy , anger, Love , frustration.....

 My yoga practice, recovery from alcohol addiction, prayer and meditation has given me an opportunity to wade through pile of  s...t! It has brought me to clear water and given me a serenity that I did not know possible! I am forever Grateful for this renewal! 

 Know that i am human and have human experience on a daily basis and have not be stricken pure as the driven snow! But , today I can come to life with more Grace and a deeper understanding that I am you and you are me.

 I got inspired to write this as I was doing my most favorite chore of all laundry!  ( no pun in intended). 

 I encourage you to step out in your life and write down those thoughts when you are inspired no matter where you are and what you are doing. Instead of waitig for" later" . Later never comes.

  I invited you all to sign up for The Gratutude sister yoga retreat . The elements of Connection on Lake Atitlan Gautemala...  Step out into life and say yes!!!!



Here is the linkhttp://truenaturetravels.com/retreats/yoga-lakeatitlan-lisa-janice/

 Much Love and many blessings to you All! 

 Sat Nam and Namaste! May we honor the Light in Truth in each other! 

 Janice Harimandir

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