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Bro Trip!

January 13, 2018

 Sat Nam and Happy New year to you All!


 After a vey busy holiday season me, my husband Kent and my brother- in -law Scott went to Mexico for a very different Mexican vacation.  We started off in Puerto Morales.

 This part of the journey was rough for me and everyone emotionally. I had expectations and resentment that I was harboring .  As an alcohohlic that has been in recovery fro over 14 years the disease was getting the very best of me.Well, long story short  I proceeded to make things pretty miserable for all parties involved which brought me and my husband to tears and my brother-in-law to the point of almost leaving.

  After taking time alone and a good nights sleep I awakened to the voice of my Higher Power saying you are " selfish and self centered and you need to make amends.' And that is exactly what I did. This experience of humility and honesty opened the door for healing and love that transcended through the rest of our trip.

  Why am I sharing such a personal experience with you?

 Well, Its real shit and real shit happens whether you are home alone or on a fabulous vacation with others! I also want to share this because without humility and honesty with myself first all doors would be sealed shut and the rest of our trip could have turned very differently.

 Through my recovery I have learned that I always have apart in EVERYTHING . I am grateful to have this knowledge and these tools to be honest and walk into the fear of the unknown which actually is the place of great healing.An without help it is always too much for us! With the help of my husband, my Higher Power, a stranger who picked up the phone and loving recovering women I was able to get that help.

 My brother-in-law and I have a closer and deeper understanding and love for each other. My husband saw Faith in action and so did I .

 The rest of trip turned out to be adventurous, joyous, silly and fun. We spent New Years Eve  in Valladolid, Mexico where we met up with Kent"s cousin and his family and ate crappy food and danced in the streets until at least 2:00! We took of to climb pyramids, got caught in the rain at the top of Ek Balam to be greeted by a magnificent rainbow and other crazy people.

 Then off to Rio Lagartos to catch a sunrise boat trip to see hundreds of Flamingos and countless other birds.

 None of this would have turned out this way if I had not listened to that voice inside my head. 

 I hope this brings some comfort to those who have had similar experiences and to know that you are not alone. Grateful beyond words!



   Blessings for new Beginnings!



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